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Why Your Business Will Benefit from Branded Merchandise

Getting your brand out there is vital for growth

Look at your desk now… or around your kitchen. We’re almost certain that somewhere you’ll have a pen, mug or maybe even a notepad that contains business branding on it. If you’ve kept it to use, why wouldn’t you be giving out merch with YOUR business details on?

We can offer a wide range of printing on merchandise to suit all businesses.

Every day businesses spend thousands on merchandise designed to keep their brand in your subconscious should you ever need a service like theirs.

It’s estimated that companies who have been in business five years or less should spend 12 to 20 percent of projected revenue on marketing as they increase their market share, build customer loyalty and develop brand recognition.

But before you run off and order 10,000 pens it’s important to consider your demographic and the type of item THEY would like and, more importantly, keep and use. Most companies invest in low-cost items that appeal to the masses and that most of us would find useful to hang onto such as stationary.

You could also be more specific and find merchandise that relates to a campaign you’re doing or your industry, if you’re a plumbing company you could give away radiator keys on a keyring. Something useful that people will hang onto ‘just in case’ is a great way to keep them aware of your business. Other examples could be car-related products for a garage such as ice-scrapers or a sample of a product if you’re in the food business.

On the other side there is merchandise for your employees that can increase brand awareness, such as clothing to wear whilst they’re working with the logo and phone/website on. You never know when someone might see your brand an act on it!

There’s a plethora of options available from the everyday to the obscure.

Contact us for help with branding and the right merchandise for your business on hello@chesterhandbooks.co.uk or call 01829 770895.