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Ways to Make your Business More Sustainable

Understanding the impacts of work (and HOW we work) on the environment isn’t just good for the planet it’s good for business too. It can help save your company money as well as do wonders for your brand’s reputation as a responsible, sustainability-focused company.

Now it’s not about if our processes and daily working is impacting the environment, it’s about acknowledging where we can help make a difference to protect the future of planet, no matter how small a change it may see. Over 73% of millennials say they prefer to buy from a sustainable businesses if they have a choice which means your future customer is aware that they can take their money
elsewhere, perhaps to one of your competitors.

Whilst price will always remain a main driver of a customer’s final choice, that company’s attitude towards the planet is becoming increasingly important. The UK is aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, a target that is thought to be achievable with the right education and steps in place, for both people and businesses.