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Placing Your First Ad Needn’t Be Scary

Tips and tricks for creating a killer ad

If you’ve still not placed your first ad because you don’t know where to start then don’t panic – check out our simple checklist outlining of all the frequently-asked-questions with zero jargon..

If you don’t know your A3 from your A6 then don’t worry because we know everything there is to know about paper sizes. No idea if landscape or portrait? Leave it with us. We’ll ask you all the right questions so you achieve an advert you’re proud of and that stands out for all the right reasons!

We cater for all budgets so whether you have £100 to spend over a few months or want to invest in a full page over a long period, we can help you decide where best to place your investment. Prices start from just £20 a month.

Whether you have your advert almost ready to go or need us to design it from scratch for you, we can help you to create a killer ad. Don’t be scared to have fun with the creative!

Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching (and good quality) photos/imagery as well as almost remembering the key information a potential customer will want to see – basics such as address, phone number, email and website for example, but also is there parking on site? Do you take card payments? Do you have a Facebook page with reviews people can read? Less is more and remember a picture can tell a thousand words so be selective about how much information you include on the ad.

In our experience some businesses are wary of advertising during quieter times but if you prepare for these periods when business is slower and advertise BEFORE this, business could be busier than previous years. Understanding the peaks and troughs of your business’s busy times and preparing for them could improve your turnover.

We can talk you through the seven areas where our magazines are distributed across Chester and Ellesmere Port (Upton, Vicars Cross, Boughton, Huntington, Chester city centre outskirts, Great Sutton, Little Sutton, Ledsham, Mollington, Saughall, Stanney Oaks, Guilden Sutton) and ensure your advert is placed in the magazine with a readership audience of those most likely to act on it. For example, we know there’s next to no point advertising your garden maintenance company to an area consisting of mostly flats where the majority of properties don’t have gardens.

We’re passionate and knowledgeable about the areas we deliver in and can answer any questions you have about where best to advertise your business which will garner the best results.

And finally… always remember to ask new customers where they heard about your business so you know to keep advertising in the right places!