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Knowing Your A0 from your GSM!

Getting the right quality paper is key for your brand

When promoting your business with a flyer, brochure or leaflet it’s not only important to get what’s on it right but also get the paper it’s on right! Confused?!

In a nutshell, the paper it’s printed on needs consideration.

Whilst we appreciate everyone is aware of the pennies invested in their business, don’t forget the bigger picture about the impression it will give to you potential customers and don’t always be tempted to go for the cheap option. Less, in this case, is not more!

If you opt for a paper that’s too thin it can look cheap and can be easily teared going through letterboxes – is this the best first impression you want to give potential customers? You wouldn’t invite someone into your shop or showroom wearing a tatty outfit and your marketing needs to reflect the same values; professional, proud of your business and ready to impress!

Thinner papers also aren’t as durable when being stored as will bend easily, meaning you could end up having to bin a bulk of stock because it’s simply not good enough.

Selecting a slightly thicker more robust paper or card may seem like an unnecessary cost but in the long term it could mean the difference between a customer taking note of your brand or just dismissing it as yet another piece of junk mail without giving it a second glance.

Paper THICKNESS and paper WEIGHT are two different things. We’ve selected below the most standard commonplace materials for printing on.

80gsmStandard copy paper
115gsmThin brochure paper
150gsmStandard leaflet paper
170gsmPremium leaflet/brochure paper
200gsmHeavyweight leaflet paper

If you need help deciding which to choose for your printing needs, whether it’s a leaflet, brochure, postcard, flyer or large format, we can help at or call 01829 770895.