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Getting The Most From Your Campaign

Getting the ad designed and placed is just the first step

You’ve got a great advert with clear call-to-actions and branding which stands out on the page. Job done, right? No, there’s still a lot you can do to ensure your campaign fulfils its potential.

  1. INFORM your staff that you have an advert running and the first point of any contact for potential new customers should be told exactly what promotion you’re running.
  2. ASK where they heard about you. Often when you dig deeper an initials answer of ‘through the internet’ or ‘recommendation’ will uncover they initially saw you elsewhere first which prompted them to search online for you.
  3. COLLECT their contact details so you can be sure to send an email, card etc for future offers. There are numerous reasons to use as a reason for you to get in contact with them again.
  4. REMEMBER that people buy when they are ready and feel they can trust your brand. It can be a month or more after they have seen your advert so be patient and eventually it will be your business our readers turn to.
  5. TALK to us about other ways we can help raise awareness of your business, like offering a prize. We’re always here to give you a shout out on our social media pages or maybe even help with editorial space.
  6. ANSWER the phone on every opportunity. If this isn’t always possible due to the nature of your work, set up a personalised voicemail message giving the name of the business and acknowledgement of their call to contact them as soon as you’re able to.
  7. And finally, do a better than great job, charge what you say you will and make a great impression!