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Branding checklist for your business

The must-haves for any growing company

Now and again it doesn’t do any harm for every business to take a look at their branding and make sure it still ticks all the boxes in order to maximise on its potential earnings. Here, we outline some of the key questions to ask yourself when looking at your brand identity…

What are the values and beliefs of your brand? Are these reflected in the look of logo? The definition of your brand is vital.

How is your visual representation? Your branding should give off the same impression to someone viewing it as you would if you met them in person telling them about the business.

What’s your tone of voice? Whether it’s copy for a leaflet, a Facebook post or website wording, it all needs to sound like it’s coming from the same person and gives the same impression.

Why should customers choose your business? Identify the strengths in what you’re offering compared to competitors.

Is your brand cohesive? Ensure whether customers are viewing your printed ad, your new branded vehicle, your website and your social media accounts that they all align and it’s clear it’s the same business.