5 Easy Tips On How To Make It Work Working With Family! – Chester Handbooks

5 Easy Tips On How To Make It Work Working With Family!

5 quick and easy tips on how to make it work working with family!

Understand and respect each other’s true natures.

By understanding one another’s tendencies and traits, we can communicate more effectively to avoid emotionally triggering each other.

Keep it professional.

Always use first names in the office/shop/areas with the public!

Respect roles and responsibilities.

Recognize who has the decision-making power over certain areas in our company and we support that family member.

Don’t talk about business outside of business.

Enforce a family rule that when you are together for family time, the conversation of business needs to be checked at the door. Nurture your family relationships and make sure they are not just built on a business interaction.

Pay employees based on their role in the business.

Whether an employee is family or not, pay them based on the role they play and the industry value of that role. They each have a chance to affect the bottom line of our financial success and be a beneficiary of bonuses.