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Advertise With Chester Handbooks

With a coverage of 38,500 homes and businesses, we produce eight local magazines that are targeted to ensure your business is seen by the right potential customers in your area. 

With prices from as little as £20pcm for a 1/8 size ad or up to £215 for a front cover, we have a range of options to suit all businesses.

We’ll work with you to produce an advert that you’re proud of and will stand out! Whether your artwork is ready to print or you’re starting from scratch, we can make the whole process as seamless as possible to leave you time to focus on your business.

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“Why should I invest in a long-term campaign?”

As a new business to the magazine, it takes time to establish trust with our readers.  Over time they begin to recognise your logo and see you working in their area further building trust in your business.

Advertising regularly builds that all important trust and our most successful customers advertise with us regularly and do not risk letting the work go to a competitor. Readers may see something they are interested in, mull it over/talk to a partner before deciding and will look for you in the magazine the following month and your ad needs to be there again when they do!

Many of our long-term advertisers tell us they know when the magazines hit doorsteps as they get a flurry of phone calls at the start of the month.





“I would like to advertise but is it going to be too expensive?”

No, it’s not. At Chester Handbooks, we have advertisers promoting their business from as little as £20 + VAT per month, which is £5.00 a week or 71p per day! Our classified section is where our readers would turn to when looking for a trade’s person and a huge 88% of readers have employed the services of businesses who have advertised in our magazines.


“Can you design my artwork?”

We’ll design your advert for you completely free of charge.  We can also design a logo to get you started for just £250. Our in-house graphic designer chats with all our customers to establish what you want to include but if you’re still unsure, don’t worry; if you have a website, Facebook page or even a works van, we can design the advert copy from any of these!  And of course you’ll always see a proof of your advert before we go to print so if you’ve not approved it, we won’t print it!


“You print 8 magazines – can I just advertise in certain editions?”

If there are specific areas you want to target and only want to go in those magazines then this is exactly what will happen – you can go in just one magazine if that suits your business best.  As your business grows you may wish to expand into other magazines, but that’s entirely up to you.

Social Media Support Bolt-on

We understand that a full marketing mix is the ideal strategy for any thriving business. Whilst the bulk of our advertising remains in our 8 handy magazines that go through doors, we also know that online is an important vein of marketing.

We offer a Social Media Support Bolt-On from just £10 a month that will help increase your business page’s visibility. We will create tailored informed posts and share on our page, giving you the opportunity to share this with your followers, and create engagement. Our bolt-on packages are available in three tiers:




1 x Facebook post

1 x Instagram post



2 x Facebook posts

2 x Instagram posts

Web listing including your phone number, email address, brand logo and website link.



4 4 x Facebook posts

4 x Instagram posts

Web listing with phone number, email, website, Facebook & lnstagram links, brand logo and paragraph about your business.

Exclusive feature in our quarterly newsletter with 400+ readers.

Digital enhancement with links to your website and social channels.